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What sets Tedo woods heat & ac apart from our competition is that we are always working to improve. Our certified technicians are continually being trained on the equipment we service in order to stay current with the newest technologies in the hvac industry. We attend seminars, schools, training classes and stay up to date through manufacturer's service manuals to improve skills and keep up with ever-changing hvac  equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Finally we help you navigate the warranty coverage - one of the most overlooked aspects of air conditioner installation. The right warranty means you wont be left with an expensive call in a few years. We'll make sure you have all the facts to select the best coverage for you

We begin with a whole house inspection to determine the proper size of air conditioner for your home. Improperly sized units break down more frequently, and cause uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Next we present options. If you plan on being in your home for 5 years or more, you may want a more expensive, higher efficiency unit. If you plan on selling your home soon. it may be wiser to choose a less expensive model. We than install using only the best materials and meeting or exceeding all local and state building codes.

To learn more about what we offer or to discuss your climate control needs. call Tedo Woods at 601-941-6147

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